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Regular to Ripped: High Intensity Interval Training
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the newest and most exciting workout in the fitness industry. Although employed for decades by athletes, it has become one of the most popular forms of exercise for "fitness-athletes". Regular to Ripped: High Intensity Interval Training details some of the most popular HIIT programs, as well as an applied review of the numerous research studies on the benefits and risks of HIIT. The DVD explores what HIIT can do for exercisers as it relates to caloric expenditure, resting metabolic rate, weight loss, and fitness benefits. The DVD also features a panel discussion by Summit faculty who discuss the pros and cons of HIIT from their perspective.



"That's When My Back Went Out!" presents an overview of basic injuries as a real-life issue facing every person in the workplace. The DVD details the basic risk factors for back injuries, including those that can be controlled by individuals and those that can't. The DVD also discusses the underlying mechanisms for back injuries. In addition, the DVD addresses the issue of whether back injuries can be prevented and offers a series of exercises for strengthening the back.



Treating and Preventing Back Pain presents a detailed overview of the significance, causes, risk factors, prevention, and treatment of back pain and injuries. In a practical and applied manner, the DVD explains what individuals can do to be "free" from back pain.



The Myths & Realities of Stretching presents a comprehensive discussion of the misinformation, misunderstanding, and mystery attendant to the documented benefits of sound stretching. In a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner, the DVD reviews the literature concerning how stretching can help (and in some instances hinder) individuals.



The Science & Practice of Sound Ergonomics provides an inclusive overview of the principles and fundamentals involved in sound ergonomics. In a practical, easy-to-understand manner, the DVD discusses the eight basic ergonomic risk factors and the appropriate solutions for reducing the risk of ergonomic-related injuries. The DVD also describes the proper ergonomic design for a sound office workstation.



Reality of Extreme Weight Loss Programs: A Panel Discussion
Featuring a panel of industry-renowned professionals (including Mike Bracko), Reality of Extreme Weight Loss Programs: A Panel Discussion presents an overview of how television shows, particularly reality shows, tend to portray fitness and weight loss. Each member of the panel offers their unique ideas, insights and perspectives with regard to reality TV showcasing working out and losing weight and keeping it off.


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