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Enhanced Skating Performance for Hockey With Sliding Discs details the training techniques that can be employed to enhance skating performance using sliding discs. The DVD explains why a sliding disc is a new and exciting training tool and how this tool can be effectively incorporated into technical training to improve all 27 skating characteristics. The DVD also discusses how conditioning drills can be used for hockey-specific training. The DVD is designed as a resource for anyone who wants to improve the skating performance and conditioning level of hockey players. The drills and exercises covered in the DVD offer a fun and challenging alternative to a regular workout routine.



Advanced Lateral Training is designed to be a must-have resource for individuals who want to develop the ability in individuals with a relatively high level of motor and physical skills to change direction with quick, smooth, and coordinated movements. The DVD presents an overview of the steps involved and the training techniques that can be employed to develop advanced lateral movement skills. Featuring over 30 lateral training exercises that are particularly appropriate for all advanced levels of fitness and competitive athletic interest, the DVD provides an exceptional instructional tool for anyone who is looking for a challenging, and safe way to enhance a person's ability to move laterally. This compelling DVD encompasses all aspects of lateral training, including acceleration, deceleration, balance, lateral jumps, plyometrics, and change of direction.



Lateral Training Utilizing the BOSUŽ Ball provides an overview of essential information and training techniques for using a BOSU trainer to engage in lateral training. The DVD features over 30 exercises that are designed to enhance lateral training for all levels of both fitness and athletic training. Because the ability to change direction with quick and smooth movement is an integral aspect of athletic performance, the DVD encompasses all aspect of lateral training, including acceleration, deceleration, balance, lateral jumps, plyometrics, and change of direction. Designed as a must-have resource for competitive athletes, recreational athletes, coaches, and personal trainers, as well as parents of athletes, the DVD is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in lateral training.



Strength and Stability Training for the Back and Core details the best exercises for enhancing the strength and stability level of the back and core. This DVD is designed for a variety of individuals including, exercise professionals, health/fitness enthusiasts, strength and conditioning coaches-anyone who wants to better understand how to effectively develop these two essential areas of the body. Featuring a progression that begins with modified or worksite exercises, next moves to intermediate exercises, and then finishes with advanced exercises, the DVD includes a combination of vertical movements, horizontal floor work, and pelvic stability activities, as well as exercises that employ medicine balls, stability balls, and BOSU. Not only are the exercises appropriate for all levels of fitness, but also for helping prevent back injuries and enhancing sport performance.



Ultimate Back and Core BOSUŽ Ball Training explains how to improve core stability and strength with the use of a BOSU, medicine ball, or other external resistance. The DVD reviews the fact that the core or the back is unique because it can be done with or without external resistance, as well as in a vertical or horizontal body position. This DVD features over 30 exercises with different forms of resistance and in all body positions. Explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner, the exercises are progressively detailed according to fitness level, moving from modified for beginning exercisers to advanced for higher levels of fitness and sports performance.


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