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Dr. Bracko's Game Performance Skating DVD


The Coaching Model

Chapter 1 - Warm-up Drills

Chapter 2 - Acceleration from Stationary & Gliding Positions

Chapter 3 - Gliding Ready Position

Chapter 4 - Forward Skating/Striding

Chapter 5 - Turning: Gliding, X-Over, and "Brake Turns"

Chapter 6 - Stopping, "Slowing," and "Brake Stops"

Chapter 7 - Pivots: Fwd --> Bkwd and Bkwd --> Fwd, Offensive & Defensive Pivots

Chapter 8 - Backward Skating: Acceleration, "C-cuts,", and X-Overs

Chapter 9 - "Game-Performance Skating Drills"... Putting it all together

Chapter 10 - Differences between "Performance Skating" & "Power Skating"

Chris & Nolan showing knee bend, forward lean, and arm movement.

Chris & Nolan accelerating out of a 2-foot glide position.

Nolan works on accelerating away from an opponent.

Chris working on a wide powerful stride.

Nolan & Dr. Mike share a laugh between takes.

Dr. Mike explaining proper 'ready' position.

Nolan showing a deep knee bend during push-off.
Notice Nolan's skate pushing to the side!



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