power skating for hockey players - Calgary

To get an idea of the biomechanics of a high performance hockey skater, you can watch certain players and understand their characteristics.

Watch these players in these videos to see how they skate. You will notice they all have the 5 characteristics of fast skaters:

  1. Arms move side-to-side.

  2. Wide Stride with lots of space between their skates.

  3. Low Recovery after pushing off.

  4. Quickly getting the skate on the ice after pushing off.

  5. Their skates land in-line with their shoulder-hip-knee so they can get on inside edge to push-off.

Jonathan Drouin — 2015 NHL Fastest Skater

Taylor Hall — 2011 NHL Fastest Skater

Zach Parise, Jay Bouwmeester, and Andrew Cogliano (Includes Mike Gartner)

Phil Kessel vs. Tyler Seguin — 2015 NHL Fastest Skater


power skating DVD


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